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Josef Sadil Public Observatory

Josef Sadil Public Observatory

The observatory operates from 1962. Its visitors can use a cupola with a small telescope.

Ke Hvězdárně, Sedlčany

Ondřejov Observatory - museum and observatory

Ondřejov Observatory - museum and observatory

The observatory was founded by Josef Frič and built in the Art Nouveau style in 1898. At present, it is a part of Astronomic Institute of Scientific Academy of the CR. Its historical section was turned into a museum. There is one of the largest telescopes of Europe located in the new observatory built nearby. The buildings are surrounded by a public park with exotic trees.

Fričova ul. 298, Ondřejov

Žebrák Public Observatory

Žebrák Public Observatory

Observatory dating back to 1954. As of 2004 it has served as the home of the Žebrák Observatory Association, which endeavours to popularise astronomy not only in Beroun, but throughout the Czech Republic.

Pivovarská, Žebrák

Vlašim Observatory

Vlašim Observatory

The observatory was put into service in 1950 and currently pursues popularization activities. It employs a minor telescope in the main copula.

Blanická 1095, Vlašim

Slaný City Observatory

For the first time, the observatory was put into service in 1963 and after a pause following the Velvet Revolution again in 1996. It employs a 50 cm telescope.

Nosačická 1713, Slaný


(Ortenova Kutná Hora)

(Kutná Hora)

Fri 9/1/2022 - Sun 9/3/2022

(Zázračné divadlo barokního světa)

Kačina Chateau (Svatý Mikuláš)

Mon 8/15/2021 - Fri 5/4/2023

(Zamilovaný sukničkář)


Tue 2/22/2022 18:00

(Rovnodennost v sedlecké katedrále 2022)

Sedlec monastery with the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist (Kutná Hora)

Sun 3/20/2022 15:30 - 17:30

(Zamilovaný sukničkář)

Social House (Hořovice)

Thu 4/21/2022 17:30

Tip for a trip

Botanicus Ostrá - historical village

Botanicus Ostrá - historical village

Historical village on the periphery of the municipality Ostrá. Herbal gardens expand beyond its walls...