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Chvatěruby - chateau and castle ruins

Chvatěruby - chateau and castle ruins

14th century castle, which was reconstructed from a former fortress. In 1467, it was conquered by the imperial troops. In the 16th century, a Renaissnace chateau was built. It lay to waste during the reign of the Lobkovics. However, later on Kryštof Karel Voračický of Paběnic restored it. Construction was not completed. Today, the chateau is gradually being restored.


Džbán - castle remains

Džbán - castle remains

The remains of a former king’s castle built on the north edge of the forest. The castle was abandoned in the 13th century. According to archaeologists it was because the sand marl subsoil was disturbed. The mining of the sandy marl in the 20th century damaged the castle even further and today remain only parts of the walls, palaces and tower.

Lhota pod Džbánem

Jenčov - castle ruins

Jenčov - castle ruins

Rather preserved ruin of a king’s castle, with complete walls and a torso of the tower. The castle was founded probably by the king Přemysl Otakar II as a hunting castle and it was probably the smallest of king’s castles.


Jenštejn - castle ruins

Jenštejn - castle ruins

The Gothic water stronghold was built in the half of the 14th century, it lost its defence function in the 16th century and today remains only the tall round tower. It serves as a museum and observation tower, on one floor there is a chapel.


Kamýk nad Vltavou (Vrškamýk, Hunec) - castle ruins

Kamýk nad Vltavou (Vrškamýk, Hunec) - castle ruins

The ruins of a former king’s stronghold founded by the king Václav I in the first half of the 13th century. The castle was probably abandoned in the 14th century; today remain parts of the palace walls, tower and what was probably a chapel.

Kamýk nad Vltavou

(Kostel Narození sv. Jana Křtitele)

(Kostel Narození sv. Jana Křtitele)

On Veliz Peak an extensive fortification once stood. Prince Jaromir had a chapel built here after he was rescued. A Romanesque church and Benedictine provostship, which was plundered by the Hussites, was built on the site of the former fortification.


Kouty u Smilkova - fortress ruins

Kouty u Smilkova - fortress ruins

The ruin of a stronghold on an island in a lake. The stronghold was probably built in the 14th century and abandoned in the 17th. There are remains of two buildings – probably a tower and a palace.

Kouty u Smilkova

Kozí Hřbet - castle ruins

Kozí Hřbet - castle ruins

The ruin of a castle founded probably in the 13th century on a narrow hilltop. The castle was probably abandoned in the 15th century; today remain parts of the palace, gate and tower.


Kožlí - castle ruins

Kožlí - castle ruins

Remains of a mediaeval castle, probably founded around 1300. In 1468 it was captured by the army of Jiří z Poděbrad, and at the end of the same century it was abandoned. All that has been preserved are the earthwork fortifications.


Lošany - fortress

Lošany - fortress

Four-storey fortress in the form of a tower, built in the 15th century by Adler of Lošan. Nearby is a 17th century ruin.


Malý Blaník - chapel ruins

Malý Blaník - chapel ruins

The ruin of a pilgrimage chapel of Mary Magdalene. It was built in 1753 and was destroyed only few scores of years later, during the reforms of Emperor Joseph II. The chapel has interesting ground plan – octagon inscribed into an ellipse.

Louňovice pod Blaníkem

Okoř - castle ruins

Okoř - castle ruins

An extensive ruin with a typical silhouette of a tower torso. The original Gothic castle was establised in the 13th century. František Rokycanský of Prague commissioned the construction of a monumental residence here in the middle of the 14th century. Then a wave of Renaissance renovations were conducted during the Martinics, the brutal Thirty Years War, the arrival of the Jesuits and then Baroque...


Říčany - castle ruins

Říčany - castle ruins

Ruins of a Gothic castle with preserved fragments of two palaces and a tower. Its founder was, according to historical estimates, Ondřej of Všechromy, who likely had the castle erected in 1260-1270. The castle seems to have been abandoned at the end of the 16th century.


Ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The monastery was founded by Stara Boleslav's prior Tobiáš of Benešov. It was burnt down in 1420 by the Hussites. The tall torso of the presbytery with two windows has remained preserved.


Talmberk - ruins

Talmberk - ruins

The castle was built in the 14th century. Remains of the outer walls with the gate, bastion and cylindrical tower have been preserved. It apparently was left abandoned at the beginning of the 16th century.


Valdek - castle ruins

Valdek - castle ruins

Ruins of a castle founded in the second half of the 13th Century. The castle is of the ‘bergfrit’ type, with a main round residential tower, and was fundamentally extended in later years. Since 1623 it has been considered to be deserted. The ruins are quite well preserved, the grounds dominated by the round tower. Of the centre, the main part of the palace walls is preserved, and of the fortifications...

Malá Víska

Zbořený Kostelec - castle ruins

Zbořený Kostelec - castle ruins

The ruin of the castle has a relatively short history. It was founded as a king’s stronghold at the beginning of the 14th century and destroyed in the 15th. The remains show parts of palaces, tower and a gate.

Zbořený Kostelec

Žebrák - castle ruins

Žebrák - castle ruins

The Gothic castle was founded in the 13th century by House Valdek but soon became the property of the kings and remained so until 1532 when it burned down. The owners moved to a neighbouring castle and left this to decay. There are preserved remains of palaces and the tower today serves as observation tower.


Zlenice (Hláska) - castle ruins

Zlenice (Hláska) - castle ruins

The ruin of a medieval castle built probably in the first half of the 14th century. A century later it was conquered by the king’s troops, plundered and left to decay. Today there is the torso of a tower – donjon, lower structures and walls.


Dražice - castle ruins

Castle ruins with a part of the palace, preserved chapel window and sections of the fortifications. The castle was built on a high bank of the Jizera, probably in the mid-13th century. In the first half of the 14th century, its expansion was stopped by Prague bishop Jan IV. In 1526, its owner built a more relaxing chateau in Nové Benátky (known now as Benátký nad Jizerou) and the castle was abandoned...


Goat Castle - remains of a castle

Ground waves in place of a former stronghold on the hilltop.


Hrádek (Starý Stránov) - castle ruins

Ruins of a small Gothic castle built at the end of the 13th century, on the banks of the Jizera River, probably as a military outpost in the direction of Česká Lípa. After some time it was replaced by Stranov chateau and the castle was abandoned. Sections of the fortification walls and the moat have been preserved.

Písková Lhota

Hrochův Hrádek - castle ruins

A monumental torso of a habitable tower of a 14th century stronghold. The stronghold was abandoned probably in the 16th century. The place became attractive again when the railway line was built nearby.

Dobrá Voda

Karlík - castle ruins

Just as the remains of the castle Karlík are indistinct, so is its history. Historians assume, that the castle was founded by the king Charles IV, but do not agree with the widely accepted notion that the castle served as the queen’s residence.


Ostromeč - castle remains

Only ground waves and stone ruins on one of the promontories above the dam lake document the existence of a large stronghold. It was built probably by Hussites at the beginning of the 15th century and abandoned in the half of the 16th century.

Pirkštejn - castle ruins

14th century castle built by Jindřich of Lipa. Following the peasant uprising in 1627 it was abandoned. In the 18th century it was transformed into a rectory and belfry. The cylindrical tower, palace with rounded corners, and bailey with a wall and loopholes have been preserved.

Rataje nad Sázavou

Sion - castle ruins

The foundations of a medieval castle uncovered by archaeologists – there are stone structures, gates and walls and also bulwarks and moats. The castle Sion is known as the last spot of Hussite resistance against the king Sigmund in 1437. From 1427 the castle was the property of the Hussite Hetman who in 1437 fell to the besiegers. The castle was destroyed and left to decay.


Stará Dubá - castle ruins

Ruins of a medieval castle established by the Benešovic family in the 13th century and deserted in the 15th century. The original ground plan indicates that ramparts and the remains of gates once stood in the fields. There is a unique feature in the space enclosed beneath the castle – a small town called Odranec.


St. Boniface Church - church and remains of a fortress

Church on an elevation, where a 13th century fortress originally stood. The 130 m long moat has remained preserved. A memorial cemetery from the era of Hájka z Libočan is found next to the church.


Tetín - castle remains

The remains of a medieval stronghold close to the old Slavonic settlement. The stronghold was built in the half of the 13th century and served as a residence of the king’s gamekeeper. It was probably abandoned during the 15th century. Part of the ruins felt in the 20th century victim to the limestone mining and today there are only small remnants of palaces and a tower.


Třemšín - castle remains

The remains of a medieval stronghold destroyed during the Hussite wars. In the 16th century there were aims to reconstruct the castle but unsuccessful. In the romantic era there were again mass meetings and attempts to revive the place but today remain only bulwarks, moats and part of the tower.

Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

Týřov - castle ruins

The ruins of a king’s stronghold built at the edge of a hunting forest on the banks of Berounka river. It was founded in the first half of the 13th century by the king Václav I, and it was abandoned probably in the second half of the 16th century. There are remains of the towers – the “bergfrit”, the habitable donjon and the defence towers.




Zvěřinec - castle ruins

The ruin of a medieval stronghold – today are visible only the ramparts and moats, and several parts of a wall. The castle was inhabited during the 14th and 15th century.

Mrač - former fortress and chateau ruins

Ruins of a late 14th century Gothic fortress. During the Thirty Years War it succombed to the devastating invasions. There are ruins of a later chateau found above the former fortress, established in 1690, but soon abandoned in the first half of the 18th century.



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Regional Museum in Kolín - Dvořak's Museum of Prehistory (Kolín)

Fri 5/23/2019 - Wed 3/30/2021

(Zábava i politika - Z dějin českého plakátu)

Podlipanské Museum in Český Brod (Český Brod)

Tue 9/7/2020 - Sun 5/1/2021

(Umění ve službách reklamy)

Regional Museum in Kolín - Červinkovský House (Kolín)

Thu 12/9/2020 - Sun 5/15/2021


Nymburk City Theatre (Nymburk)

Thu 3/11/2021 18:00

(Kollárovci - CZ tour)

(Kutná Hora)

Sun 3/14/2021 14:00

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Klokočka - national natural heritage area

Klokočka - national natural heritage area

A habitat of Ligularia sibirica.